No Health Tips Please

Happy Wellness Wednesday!

I have struggled with what to share with you this week. Why? Who wants to hear from a health and wellness expert during the holidays season? I could share ways to reduce stress during the holiday, or how to navigate the numerous holiday parties and make more healthful choices, assuming there are any to be made, or “is a gym membership the right choice for me ?” and so on. You get the idea. I have written three different Wellness Wednesdays this week… all great topics that I am sure you will enjoy reading and that will have very helpful information you can use but I am going to save them till you are ready, which I am sure will be soon as you start thinking about the lifestyle changes you want to make for 2011.

A heads up for those of you who asked we will be holding a group Purification Program early January. More details next week.

In the meantime… enjoy every second of this magical time of the year and try this wonderful recipe for Kale Chips.

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Dr Pia

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