In A Grim Economy Americans are finding comfort in candy

I’ll attach the article for those of you who would like to read it.  Essentially it says “that for many Americans sugar lifts the spirit.”  When will we learn! We know that sugar and derivatives of sugar like high fructose corn syrup cause a multitude of health problems. Nobody really believes that comfort comes in the form of candy do they?  Here’s how it works… need comfort… eat candy… get sugar high… followed quickly by a sugar crash and the blues… oh then you  feel fat or actually get fat from all that chocolate and candy.. Yuk.  Now you feel even worse and more depressed than before. Not to mention the increase in health problems.  Sugar is like shards of glass for the arteries and causes major inflammation in the system. Please please stop making bad choices today in the hope that it will have no effect on your tomorrow.  It will come back to bit you in the …. you know what in more ways than one. If you are feeling like you need comfort in these times.. choose a hug, choose laughter with friends..meditate… go for a long walk with the dog.. etc… These choices are better for you and don’t impact your health in a negative way. Take control and live a better life tomorrow.