The Journey Of a Single Pound

Yesterday our community had a power outage that lasted almost 18 hours. I had no internet, TV, etc. It was actually quite peaceful. A technology break can be wonderful.

One of my patients ” Warrior Wendy” wrote a wonderful story that she gave to me yesterday and insisted I share with all of you.
She hopes that her journey gives others the hope that they can do it too! The first thing that ” Wendy” did was, she asked for help. We are often not so great at doing that, we see it as a sign of weakness and then we wonder why we fail! If you need help please ask. There are wonderful people ready willing and able to help you be your best self.

Happy 4th and enjoy this wonderful uplifting story. You can feel ” Wendy’s ” joy in every word. Please feel free to pass on to anyone who can benefit from this story and if any of your friends, family or co workers would like to enjoy Wellness Wednesday’s please have them email me and I will add them to the list.

Dr Pia

The journey of a single pound began with a leap of faith. Faith that said “I can do it.” Faith that believed there was a better way. Faith that knew somewhere deep inside, vegetables could and would be my friend. Faith that was confident success would be achieved as life priorities were realigned.
The journey of a single pound began in the office of Dr. Pia Martin: my chiropractor, health and wellness coach, and world-class “you can do it” advocate. With Dr. Pia’s guidance and sound counsel, I am thankful to have disposed of thirty pounds in three months. The effort involved three major components – faith, fitness, and food – any of which would never have been as successful alone as all three were together.
Fitness and food go hand in hand, as we all know, and this journey was first tailored as a union of the two; faith being added a couple weeks later. We took a hard look at exercise, or rather my lack thereof, and added enough of it to build a structure and routine in my life where previously none existed. My preferred method of fitness is hiking – I get out on the trails and just go. Other fitness choices involve bicycling and rebounding. Dedication to fitness and a big scary goal of hiking Half Dome kept me on the go day after day, week after week. I now look forward to my afternoon outings on the trail; nothing but me and my thoughts away from the daily hustle and bustle of life.
Food – oh the joy and delight of food. For many years, I have treated food as a close friend and confidant; a solid anchor as the ocean of life would ebb and flow. But oh, the results of such a relationship were neither healthy nor well for me in so many different ways. Taking the single step to decide to make a change meant that my relationship with food was impacted in every way. On this journey of a single pound, I control food rather than allowing food to control me. Today, as my trek continues, I can truthfully say that food is even now more important than it ever was before. It’s more important because the consequences of my choices are extreme. I know my next food choice will directly impact the future of my health and well-being, ensuring I continue on the path to victory. Therefore, every bite counts.
Faith – what was seemingly added as an afterthought to my health and wellness program quickly became the driving force to its success. I am so thankful my life, from childhood, has been strongly grounded upon biblical Christian morals, and I have reaped countless benefits from a God who loves me unconditionally and without measure. My expression of love and devotion, in return, has been lacking in so many ways for quite a long while. Why? Because I allowed other priorities in life take precedence – it was a choice. Knowing I have more in me that seeks to pursue holiness and a relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I set out to prayerfully redefine my life’s priorities. I will re-soundly admit I’m not where I want to be yet, but with the Lord’s help I will continue to pursue the faith of my fathers through the journey of a single step moving me closer to Him.
As I reflect upon the trek of the past three months, I give thanks for the kindness and wisdom of Dr. Pia. She has provided food for thought, encouragement along the way, an unbiased view of the journey, and a resounding positive outlook that has equip
ped me – warrior Wendy – with the necessary gear to be victorious. And so the journey continues; this trek began with a fight for one pound and it will continue as a fight to make the next choice the very best choice. Along the way, the journey morphed into a realization that body, soul, and spirit all needed a tune-up. The defeats along the trail have been embraced as win-learn opportunities. And the prayer for the future is that I will have the courage and strength to trek all the way to balanced health and wellness through wise employment of faith, fitness, and food.
Dr. Pia, I thank you for walking alongside me these past months. Your genuine compassion and desire to help me improve my life has been a driving force to the success I have realized. With kindness and love you have guided, not chided, and because you walk the walk and not just talk the talk, I too, believe that “I can do it.”
June 28, 2011